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Tiger Soung Gong 



Tiger Soung gong

The Tiger Sound Gong is "Hu Yin" Gong in Chinese. Just as the name tells you, the sound of this kind of gong is very similar with tiger's. Yes, they roar and growl just like a tiger, but they can also be mellow - like a kitten.

Tiger-sound gongs are made of Electrolytic Copper and Tin and their surface are very light. The Tiger Sound Gong can be struck to produce musically sounds. Different from some other gongs that only have a small region for striking, the Tiger Sound Gong's entire surface, and even the sides and back, can be used to make pleasing and interesting sounds. Incredible, isn't it?

Tiger-sound gongs have three types and three sizes: 31.5cm is for High-Sound Tiger Gong, 33cm is for Middle-Sound Tiger Gong and 36cm is for Low-Sound Tiger Gong. Besides, different place you beat, it gives different sounds, for example, if you beat the centre, it gives a spectrum of overtones and great sustaining power, and if you beat the outer ring, it gives cymbal-like sounds and overtones.

All kinds of Tiger Sound Gongs are available for you. And for each gong, there is a standard soft mallet, you can play different sound when you bitting the gongs' different place.


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