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Opera gong


The Opera Gong is an percussion instrument and one kind of Big Gongs, the size of which is bigger than others. Since the "opera" is pronounced "jing" in Chinese, the Opera Gong also can be called "Jing" Gong. Many people think it's the same as "Su" Gong because the characteristics of both are very simple and the latter one belongs to Big Gongs as well. Actually, they take too places of "4 Famous Gongs of China".

Some Opera Gongs have pitches that ascend while others have some pitches that descent. The size of it determines the direction of the bend. An ascending gong will produce it's initial tone once being struck and after 2 or 3 beats the pitch will bend higher. And the descending ones show the opposite when beaten in the same way. They give mild overtones and the sound is unique and beautiful.

The Opera Gong is an round and arc like disc. Most of them are made of copper and fastened along the edge by a frame. They're mostly used in orchestral music or as accompanying music in drama to give the atmosphere a chance or boost up rhythm.

There are two size Opera gongs, 28.5cm and 30cm. For each gongs, there is a standard small mallet for playing


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