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China Wuhan Cymbals (Made In Wuhan)


Cymbals are a common percussion instrument. Cymbals consist of Electrolytic Copper and Tin. And the cymbals have many types as per their different size and weight. Such as splash cymbal, crash cymbal, ride cymbal, hi-hit cymbal.

In China, there is a special type cymbals, which is mainly made in Wuhan, China, so it also be called Wuhan china cymbal or Lion cymbls, it is a pair and both connect by a rope.

In western music, china type cymbals are cymbals manufactured to produce a dark, crisp, trashy, and explosive tone. Their origins can be traced back to the gong in both sound and shape, and thus they are given their name 'china'.

China type cymbals typically have a bell that is cylindrical or shaped like a truncated cone with its base the top of the bell, an outer rim that is turned up in the reverse direction to the main bow of the cymbal, little or no taper (change in thickness) from bell to rim, and an area including the inside of the bell that is unpolished. However some china type cymbals have only some or in some cases none of these distinguishing characteristics. The distinguishing feature of a china type cymbal is the one that is hardest to define: its sound.

Cymbal making in China is claimed to predate the development of the art anywhere else in the world. The most universally acclaimed cymbal alloy, bell bronze, appears to have been independently developed in China. Today in China a wide range of cymbals are manufactured of both traditional and imported patterns. Traditional Chinese types with distinctive names and sounds include chung, jing and water cymbals and many other types. In Western music these are all referred to as china type cymbals.

In a drum kit, china type cymbals are sometimes mounted bell up, similarly to other cymbals, but more often bell down. When mounted bell down, the upturned rim becomes a down turned rim, allowing a normal stick technique to be used for both ride and crash patterns.


Art No. WMH104
Size (cm/inch) 29/11",
Pcs / Wooden Case 20 10 5



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