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Che Sui gong

The che sui gong is one kind of musical instruments and belongs to sports and entertainments industry. It has a long history. Years ago, the che sui gong was used in the water mill in the field ( the water mill was used to convey water to irrigate the farmland ). When people finished their work, they had to beat the gong to ask other people to take over the work. Since the tool that the farmers used to irrigate is called water waggon, "sui che" in Chinese, this instrument is called "che sui gong"

Although the water mill isn't used now, the che sui gong is very famous in not only China but also the whole world because of its sound and the old tradition of China.

The che sui gong gives a great, focused, bell-like sound. It's very simple with Se Gong but a little more overtones. Once you give it a beat, it can hum for a long time. It is mainly made of bronze, the diameter is about 9 inches. Most che sui gong is about 16 inches tall, 13 inches wide and 10 inches at feet. The color of this gong is bronze except that the central part is much brighter.   

It's widely used in sports and entertainment occasions.
We mainly supply the types mentioned above, but if you need other different size of the che sui gong, it's still available to you.


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