Chinese Gong, China Gong, Wuhan Cymbal,  Wuhan China Cymbal ,All Hand Made

· Over 30 years of experience in brass percussion manufacturing.
· Blend of the traditional Chinese craftsmanship and modern technology
· Various of Gongs and Cymbals for your choice

Leading China manufacturer of Brass Musical Instruments, including gong, cymbal etc. Generally thinner than models from other cymbal manufacturers, our Wuhan Cymbal produces a breathy wash of overtones and a comfortable cushion of cymbal sound. Wuhan Gongs are hand crafted with an ancient process that has essentially not changed since we started making gongs since 1500 years ago! Every Cymbal or Gong is shaped and tuned by hand. Buy and hear the sound from the East!

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Chinese Gong, China Gong
Wind Gong
 Feng Gong
 White Gong
Tiger-Sound Gong
Gong Chime
Chao  Gong
Bao Gong
Jing Gong
Xiang Jia Gong
Hui Yin Gong
Dan Da Gong
Geng Gong

Che Sui Gong
Opera Gong

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Chinese Cymbal, Wuhan Cymbal


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